“I met Gordon at a Real Estate Seminar. Within twelve months we were able to put together a substantial real estate portfolio that included two commercial strip centers and four mid sized apartment complexes. The Above & Beyond team helped me to re-direct my under performing retirement accounts for a much higher rate of return and a much greater appreciation. Together we put my portfolio on auto pilot and now all I do is open my monthly statements and cash my checks. Also with this process I have been able to reduce my federal tax burden from over $57,000 to under $5000 annual. This has allowed me to build my retirement accounts much faster. Way to go guys, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!”

Dr. B. Wahl-Prospect, KY- US Army (retired)

“Gordon and Tammy I wanted to take a moment and thank you once again for the terrific job you did showing me how to not only save my house but also how to get my loan modified so that I can now actually afford to keep it. Without your help I don’t know where I would be today. Above & Beyond is truly a blessing to me.”

Adrianne Castleberry-Louisville, KY

“Hi Tammy and Gordon. We are writing to tell you how we feel about your services. Through what was undoubtedly one of the most stressful times of our lives your company has not only been a beacon of hope but has proven that with hard work and effort the little guys can survive. The deed in lieu of foreclosure that you worked out was just what the doctor ordered to get us out of a terrible mess. I will send any real estate contacts I come across to you with complete confidence that their experience will be as great as ours.”

Tyler and Ashley Bowling-Fern Creek, KY

“Being a small independent real estate investor it has been a pleasure working with the folks at Above & Beyond Real Estate. They have taken the time to get to know me and what my perfect deal looks like. They not only take the time to preview all my deals they also do a lot of the ground work for me. This saves me countless hours of preparation to decide which deals are best for me. I am very impressed by their thoroughness and their attention to detail.”

Jeanie Ballard-Bullitt County, KY

“Because I am a hands off and very passive investor I really appreciate the way Above & Beyond can take all the steps necessary to find, fix, sell, or help me to hold my chosen real estate investments. Their “do as little” or “do as much” as I wish attitude allows me to decide on each deal where my energies and resources are best suited. Gordon and Tammy go the extra mile to fully understand my needs and wishes and then follow through until we fulfill my goals. It is great to work with them.”

Kevin Jacobson-Jeffersontown, KY

“Above and Beyond is really what the both of you did in order to save the Caddell family home, for this we are very thankful and happy to know that we are not going to lose it. When the loss of a job created the delinquency, we started talking to the bank. All we ever got was that the paperwork was never received or we did not qualify for this reason and that reason; this ran on for over 3 years. We then found a realtor who tried to help us, they got the same response from the bank and eventually gave up on us. We were at our wits end and did not know where to turn for help. We did not want to lose the first Caddell family home in Kentucky, the place where we married after 16 years, and the place our grandchildren started their lives. One day Ron came home with a little piece of paper that just had a phone number. A phone number that he had found on a yellow and red sign at the exit of Wal-Mart shopping center; we decided to call it and see what it was all about. What could it hurt by now. Little did we know, that yellow and red sign would be a sign! It was a sign from Above and Beyond in more ways than one. Week after week we would get more paperwork about the foreclosure getting closer; you still remained optimistic and assured us that we were still okay. The other day, FedEx delivered another envelope, and our son opened it. When he was handing it to me I asked him what it said, his response was “I don’t know, something about being approved.” When I heard that, my heart skipped a beat. I read the first line like 3 times in a row before I really grasped the fact that the house was once again safe. Thank you Gordon and Tamera so much for all that you have done for us. You are our angels sent from the Lord ABOVE to get us BEYOND this mountain.”

The Caddell Family-Louisville, KY

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